Corners of my home...

I wanted to show a few more pictures of what we have been doing to the house. This is another view of the living room opposite from the bookshelves that I shared a few weeks ago. We made it an accent wall by painting it a warm chocolate/espresso color. The rest of the living room is the warm mocha color. With both together, the room is so warm and cozy. I am very happy with how it all turned out. I have changed the mantel a bit since I took this picture. One of the things I got last week while trolling junk shops was a cream colored rectangular vase. It is the perfect shape to fit on the mantel and I can change what I fill it with depending on the season. In the fall it could be leaves, at Christmas multi-colored ornaments, etc. I will try to post a picture of it at some point.
This is a view of the top of the bookshelf in the kid's room. I had been searching for a little while for old wooden blocks to spell out their names with. In May, I went to the county fair grounds with my Mom and Step-Dad to a large antique market and that is where I found them. The green pig is Elijah's bank that David painted for him when I was pregnant. The White clown is the nightlight that I turn on when I put the kids to bed. It's vintage and was given to us, by my step-dad who has a clown collection. The other things are just little bits of this and that. Classical CDs that I play to carry them into asleep, an English tea set from when I was little, a sliver cup, a vintage bath ducky, an orange picture clip holding a quote from Desiderata and so on. The blue bird was painted by my great-aunt Marie. I met her once or twice when I was very young. I plan on giving it to Evelyn, since she is "Little Bird" to me.

This incredibly blurry picture shows off their little kitchen area. I love how it turned out. I always wanted a play kitchen when I was small, so I made it happen for my babies. It's a Melissa and Doug kitchen (I love their stuff). I found an old window at a junk shop that I scraped and re-painted and the curtains I sewed from a vintage sheet. Then I filled the cupboards with the play dishes from my childhood and the Melissa and Doug food that my Brother and Sister-in-Law gave Elijah for his birthday. Both he and Evelyn have a lot of fun making a mess of it. I have a lot of fun helping them. :)


Amanda said…
...received the sweetest little card in the mail from a certain little YOU! thank you sarah...and you are right...a little hand-written message is always beyond special. and these days, lets be honest, as i await (not so patiently) baby's arrival, i find myself beyond, beyond, beyond thrilled just by "little" things! :) and, dearest girl, your home makes me feel so comfy cozy just looking at the pictures!
Kara said…
Wow! You've got such a great eye for kid-friendly, yet visually pleasing, decor!

Ideas I'm totally stealing from you: the little window frame over the play kitchen, the wooden blocks spelling the children's names, and I LOVE your gorgeous throw pillows on your chairs in the picture by the fireplace - will be keeping my eye out form something similar.

Best Wishes,

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