Here are a couple of things that I have done recently that I am pretty happy with. David painted the kitchen Jet stream by Sherwin Williams. The above is an idea I saw awhile ago, I'm not sure where, but I really liked it. The idea is that the tray can hold your recipes up and out of the way while you cook or bake. Thus saving you the inevitable spills and gooies that can end up on them. The original idea was a vintage black/floral metal tray that was hung up above the stove and since I did not have one of those I went with what I had...a lady finger pan. I used a large plate hanger and then a few magnet clips from IKEA and done. I really like using it and not having to keep moving my recipe around while and I work in the kitchen.
These are my newly moved and reorganized bookshelves. David painted the living room Bagel by Sherwin Williams. I decided to do something a little different and organize all of the books by color. I have brown, green, red, black, white, and orange/pink categories. I am really happy with how they turned out and how they work with the rest of the room. I will try to post a better shot tomorrow and of the rest of the room as well. We got a new couch and two leather chairs last month...the living room is finally looking and feeling like we are grown-ups.
I enjoy decorating and wished that I had more time to hit garage sales and estate sales for more gems. I gravitate towards a more vintage style, but I also like touches of modern. I just like everything to be comfortable too. I keep full size pillows and a basket of blankets tucked behind one of the leather chairs so we are able to get comfortable while watching a movie, playing scrabble, or whatever. What are the special touches that make your home comfortable?


Fairlightday said…
Love seeing this little snippet of your home. Can't wait to see the new couch and chairs! And when we're in our new house I want to try that color organizing for our books. It looks so neat. Hugs!

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