I gave it a whirl...

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I made fettuccine noodles from scratch and here is the proof. I have had a pasta roller/cutter for my Kitchen Aid for a couple of years now, but I had never pulled it out and gave it a whirl...I was in the mood and went for it. It was your typical pasta dough recipe I suppose...flour, eggs...mix, mix, mix...add the tiniest bits of water at a time if too dry until desired consistency is reached.
That statement always makes me scratch my head. Having never made pasta before, I did not posses the knowledge of the consistency to be desired. So it's times like that when I have learned to just wing it and hope I can figure it out.
I played with the dough, ran it through the roller several times and parts of it kept falling apart. I separated it into smaller pieces and kept trying adding little drops of water...hoping. I was able to get about half of the dough to work and honestly, I my motivation petered out and I gave up on the other half. Oh well.
The cutting and throwing into the salted, boiling water was my favorite part and they came out beautifully!

Look at that! And please note the little Elijah fingers in the picture...
David liked the noddles, he said he couldn't tell that they were any different from something that one would buy. He meant it as a compliment, because at least they weren't totally inedible. However, if making pasta from scratch does not elevate the noodle to whole higher plain in flavor and texture then why bother? It was cheaper, yes, but the effort involved negates that point I think. I don't know, maybe I'll pull the machine out again in a few months. Maybe homemade spaghetti noddles are the absolute bee's knees. But, then again, maybe I have enough other things to do... :)


:) I see your point... They look beautiful and I am sure generated much satisfaction - but it does seem like an awful lot of work!!

I have never made pasta from scratch, but I have helped my sis in law do it once. It was fun - for when the mood strikes.

But it's not like we don't have a million other things to do.

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