Aren't these pretty?
I was at the farmer's market last week when I saw them. I knew right then that I had to have them. I would have fresh flowers on my table every week if I could. Flowers from the florist are far too expensive and my flower garden isn't large enough yet. So that is normally a no go...but these were locally grown and an awesome price. They were mine.
Fresh flowers make me incredibly happy...I walk by and I smile, every single time. When we had our last house on the market I had bouquets of flowers in almost every room and I switched them out regularly. Tulips, roses, daisies...I like to think that is what helped sell the house in less than 30 days...and the chocolate chip cookies I baked before each showing. ;)
I have also been sewing Evelyn's birthday presents. She will be 1 year old on the 31st! How is that possible? I will share pictures of what I have been working on after her party. I hope to get some candid shots of her playing with them. I have had fun picking out the fabrics and there has been a lot of hand sewing which is my favorite method...I find it relaxing, does anyone else out there or am I the crazy one?
I am starting to feel like it is Fall. Maybe it's the fact that school has started in our area, but also even though it has gotten hot again, there is a Fall like quality to the air. I can't explain what that means really. I just feel it in my body...Summer is on it's way out. I have the urge to pull out my sweaters, make soups, and take up some knitting. I find it interesting how I shift domestically depending on the season. But, then maybe these are patterns that are ingrained in each of us to some degree. Maybe it's just part of being human. Whatever it is, and maybe it's just me, I love this time of year...bring on the golden leaves and apples, I'm ready.


I am so with you on the flowers!! Fresh flowers really make me happy. One of our grocery stores in our area sells sweet bouquets for 3.99. They are small, but lovely and Dave and I are always picking fresh ones up.

Yours are BEAUTIFUL! :)

And I am looking forward to fall too - so much!
Lisa said…
fall is my favorite time of the year, and this year I am more ready for it to come then ever.....

beautiful flowers - we planted a cutting bed in our garden this year and I love creating new bouquets, although they only seem to last a few days!

Can't wait to see Evelyn's big day - how exciting!

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