A little vacation...

Oh my...
I hadn't intended to be gone so long. I haven't turned on the computer in just about a week. No Facebook, no e-mail, no blogging...it was a nice rest.
My sweet husband had to travel for work and he happened to be going to where his parents live. He took the babies last Tuesday and did not get home until Saturday evening.
As much as I missed them (and boy did I miss them, I don't like sleeping alone in a house anymore), I was a busy, busy bee.
I slept in.
I sewed.
I cleaned. the. entire. house.
I painted a step stool and a plant stand both a crisp white.
I made food only I would eat (tofu, summer squash, lentils, beets...the former vegetarian in me re-emerged).
I went to a movie (Julie and Julia...brilliant, absolutely brilliant).
I weeded the flower beds.
I went to an estate sale and a few resale shops (Cashmere sweaters, linen pants, and a first printing of Ben Hur oh my!).
And I didn't take a picture of any of it...not one!
I had a lovely time, but as soon as I heard the garage door yesterday I ran as fast as I could to open that door, scoop up my babies and kiss my sweetie.
I am rested and relaxed, but so much happier not to have to sleep in an empty house anymore. Plus, now I can get kisses from anyone, anytime I want...I can't get that in an empty house!


Anonymous said…
I have left FB (yeah me) & have set up a new acct here because I'm on a new venture! I hope to communicate with you here, & that you can visit me at: GloryGirlCreations.etsy.com

I am working on getting stuff up there.

I love reading your things & seeing your pictures, & I'll write more to you soon. HUGS!
I have to say - that alone time does sound pretty divine to me right now... but I also really get how much you can miss them. :)

You are such a productive lady!!

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