At my machine...

I have been doing a bit more sewing as I can. I do so enjoy getting a project or two done in a timely manner. So often I get called away from whatever I was working on and then it sits or gets put away unfinished to molder for months. Recently when I pulled out the machine to make the two pairs of shorts for Elijah, I decided to cut out and make a couple of things for myself and maybe something for Evelyn. I was able to stick with it and a week later I had much to show for it.
I have seen this pattern floating around blogland for a year or so and really like it. I was able to sew up two versions of this top (I will have to post the other at a later laundry). It's Simplicity 3835. It came together fast and I was afraid that it would be too big. While sewing it, it just looked so massive, but when I tried it on I was very pleased. The way the fabric drapes is perfect, so what seemed like a lot of fabric while sewing makes more sense when on the body.
These are some little pants that I made up for Evelyn. They are actually the same short pattern that I used for Elijah, I just made the elastic at the waist tighter for her. I foresee getting to tweak them back into shorts as she gets older...something that can grow with her...hopefully. It was hard to get a good shot of her while wearing them. She is all about moving and standing...she is a busy little person all day long.
I believe that the print is an Alexander Henry available at Joann's Fabric stores. I love it and she is super cute wearing it. Because the pants are actually shorts they are really wide legged which I find to be adorable on her little body.

I have more sewing in the pipeline and some embroidery, which I am really enjoying. I haven't done that in several years and it is so nice to get back to.
Well, my new issue of Martha Stewart came today, time to pop in a DVD for the babies so I can flip through it...squee!


Amanda said…
love all your projecting...i will project vicariously through you since i have been a little overwhelmed with end of pregnancy stuff! the shirt is gorgeous...and LOVE the little pants for evelyn...who is getting WAY too big!

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