We stuck close to home this past weekend.  David wasn't home, so it was just me and the kiddies.  The weather was slightly nasty too...freezing rain.  I never like being out and about in that, so inside we stayed.  We painted the second round of salt dough ornaments that I made...These do have the holes.  We still need to bedazzle them so they sparkle, but, they are dry now.  I'll get them on the tree before Christmas...I hope.
I went through a bunch of my sewing and crafting things too.  I found lots of partially finished projects and I have now set myself a goal to start getting them done.  First however, I made myself finish the girls Christmas scarves, including weaving in the ends.  I notoriously get something knitted, only to take a long, un-needed amount of time to get that easy, yet surprisingly odious task done.  But, with that done, I started in...
I have had about 60 granny squares done for almost 5 years waiting to be crocheted together into a lap afghan.  I started just last night and in the space of two hours, filled with constant interruptions, I have it nearly halfway done.Whoop!  This finishing things up is going to be a piece of cake!!! (famous last words...I know)  Next is a small lap quilt, made from squares of wool.  The wool is cut out and just needs to be pieced, and quilted.  I think I will do it as a tie quilt instead of sewing.  Lap blankest are nice to have.  I plan to tuck them into reading corners and other thoughtful places that the kiddies frequent.  We are big on coziness around here.
The above is how the pan of Sour Cream Pumpkin Bars looked on Friday morning...I made them on Wednesday.  I think they all liked them.  The Brown Butter Frosting was a little sweet for me, but no one else objected. 
Well, Best get to finishing dinner...Chicken baked in tomatoes, onion, and garlic, with parsley Yukon Golds, oven roasted carrots and Pumpkin Parmesan muffins.  Anyone want to come over?  :)
Peace friends!


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