Christmas Cheer? Sometimes...

The promised tree shot...seems bare, so I decided more ornaments were needed.  I love kiddie handmade ornaments.  So I did a quick search for a salt dough recipe.
 While Elijah and Evelyn were at school, I set to work...mixing, rolling, cutting.  They were turning out very cute, let me tell you.  Into the oven they went to bake for an hour.  The air began to fill with a salty bread smell, kind of nice...kind of strange too.  With 25 minutes left I decided to take a peek and much to my dismay, I realized that I had failed to poke holes into the shapes before baking.
I tried a last ditch effort to get those holes poked and from the picture it actually looks like I was successful, but sadly I must report that I was not.  Too much time had passed and many of the ornaments broke as I tried to force a hole.  Aaarrrgggghhhhh.  After the fact I was wishing I had left well enough alone and continued baking them sans holes.  The kiddies could have still painted them and I could have nestled them in a basket or something. Instead, now they grace the garbage can.
And all I have left to show for my efforts are a bunch of dirty dishes, although admittedly some of those up there are from lunch, but still, I'm just sayin'.  I'll give it another go tomorrow...sheesh
On an unrelated note, I had the best salad for dinner...spinach leaves, chopped honey crisp apple, pistachio nuts, crumbled havarti cheese, and Catalina dressing.  It was more spinach then anything with little bits of everything else...yummy!
And one more note, Rey is officially crawling...everywhere.  We are now at the official, "Oh, no, now I really, REALLY, have to baby proof!!!"  He's adorable and much happier now that he can go.  He is also now eating solid foods like a pro.  Now if we could just get the sleeping-through- the-night-thing down!
Well, time to tackle those's not like anyone else is going to do them.  ;)


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