Little bits...

Just a mish mash of shots.  Lots of little going on here.
~Oatmeal in the morning.
~The irony of Evelyn's balled up dirty socks, while the couch behind is piled with freshly folded, clean laundry.  It just never ends does it?!  Oh, that chore called laundry...ugh.
~Dancing Bees.
~Lovely reminders on my desk.  There are indoor farmer's markets around here.  Happiness!
~Oh Snow!  Last Sunday's winter storm...David snow throwing the driveway, well, the kids were throwing snow too.  Just in a different way.  :)
~"Watch I come!!!"
~This is the way to wrap a gift for school!  Done by Elijah, with a little, tiny help from me (I'm a bit controlling with the Elmer's glue usage...the littles tend to gush it out causing a puddle that takes weeks to dry to form. So I still retain control of that job.  I'll relinquish it...eventually).
Happy Friday!


Amanda said…
loved getting your Christmas card and then reading these little glimpses. :) yes, life with four is non-stop, laundry taking over, noisy, chaotic goodness...isn't it!? i am hoping to post a little something on my blog tonight ;)

amanda :)

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