The Tree Hunt...

Honestly, it took us about 5 minutes to find a tree.
We parked, got out, walked around...there was the tree. And boom we were done.
I know some go for perfection, they stew about it, mull about it, take their time, but I am not like that.
I know life is imperfect.  The tree is always going look a little wonky anyway, because the kids help me put the decorations on.  And frankly, I like it that most of the balls, angels, and homemade ornaments are concentrated on the bottom half of the tree.  I know that it makes them feel important and I see the pride on their faces whenever they walk they are saying to themselves "that's my tree!"
We had some casualty ornaments...I lost it a little, not my proudest moment.  Things break, again, that's life.  So I put the decorating on hold and we came back to it.  I didn't want their memories to be clouded by me getting upset.  A few hours was all I needed to put it all behind me, and then we finished up...It's supposed to be fun right?  I'll post a picture tomorrow.


Emily said…
too cute :)
not sure if you got my text or not, but i'm needing some pics of your kiddos :) could you either e-mail them to me, or give permission for me to borrow some off of your blog?


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