Taking Care...

It's so easy as a Mama to put myself last...I think we all do that. I have so many balls in the air that anything to do with myself often gets placed to last on the to-do list. I am trying to change that in my life, not to put myself ahead of my family of course, but to make room for taking care of me.
I plucked my eyebrows the other day, not something I have been on top of, but, instead of standing looking at them with a sigh I took five minutes and cleaned them up.
I am really motivated to get myself back in shape. I am making healthy food choices and making sure that I have options on hand when hunger hits. I make up batches of Wheatberry Salad, I cut up fruit, and I drink lots of water. My OB pleaded with me to wait two years before getting pregnant with baby #4. She asked me to be good to myself and to give my body a break as I was obviously wearing it down. I have really taken that to heart. My body is tired and was starting to show it through several issues that had begun to crop up. I want to be able to run and enjoy my children and that means making smart choices. Plus, I feel so alive when I am taking care of myself.
I hope to be running again soon, I have missed it so much. I have been going for walks and the exercise feels tremendous.
I got a pedicure on Saturday. My David is awesome. He took all three kids and sent me off to the salon. I refused to feel guilty and I enjoyed the pampering and time alone.
I am still eating chocolate however. After one particularly hard day David got me my favorite chocolate/ Health Bar Blizzard and I proceeded to consume the entire thing...those empty calories were so worth it and the next day I was right back to eating my quinoa and fruits and veggies.
I am allowing a few minutes here and there for doing things I enjoy. I have started knitting a cardigan for Rubia and I plan to make one each for Elijah and Evelyn as well. I read while nursing Rubia when I can. I love reading and I have missed having my nose stuck in a book.
I am allowing myself just be from time to time and that seems to be making all of the difference. This post feels a little disjointed and rambling...congratulations if you made it through the whole thing, I can't seem to compose my thoughts well these days and that is hard for me as a writer it's what I love to do. But, I know once I get more sleep, it will all come back...hang in there with me won't you? :)


Really, really good for you! I know, as mommy to 4, that it IS hard to make that time. And I am a much better mommy when my soul is filled, I am well rested, and I have taken care of me. When I have not done those things it seems the whole family suffers.
Sounds like you are doing great.
Leslie said…
oh she is gorgeous.
and this post makes me so happy..
Amanda said…
oh sarah...love to you friend. definitely thankful to hear you are taking time to take care of yourself...you so need it! :) and i agree with leslie...rubia is gorgeous!
It was great to see pics of all 3 kids! It will be delightful to see one of you, again, too! Your OB is right.....you need to take care of yourself, & allow your body time to replenish what it has lost during each pregnancy. I am in my 10th week of serious power-walking & weightlifting! I am power-walking 15-18 miles a week, throwing some outdoor jogging in there, & focusing on strength-training for my upper body & my core. I am feeling much better as a result, & I keep setting goals for myself. My current goal is to get jogging in 2-3 times a week, & to be able to use 10# dumbbells by the end of this month. My encouragement to you is to set reasonable goals for yourself each week, & you'll be amazed at how much better you feel!
Amy said…
Aww these babies are all getting so big! Enjoy your time it sounds wonderful.

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