Rubia smiles much these days. Around six weeks old was the first glimpse of her sweet dimples and muppet smile. Though I have tried, I have yet to capture a picture of her grin. And even at my tiredest, if she begins to smile, I stop and smile with her...I don't want to miss a single one.
I warm my hands around my coffee cup and think about yesterday. Yesterday was a day that I would like to cash in for a do-over...a day I am not proud of as a Mama. Such a hard day with so many challenges. I hope that of all the days that they may remember, it will not be one of them. I am going to chalk it up as one to learn and grow from. Not only are my children learning how to be, so I continue to as well. Life long learning is always going on I guess. I am leaving it behind me and moving on...today is a new day.
The kids are busy playing in their room and I am thinking about many things ahead of my family...David starts his new job soon. I hope and pray for happiness for him in this new company. For opportunities for him to grow and be challenged.
I am looking forward to the new Sunday School class I will be joining in a couple of weeks...Intentional Parenting. I need this one and I have heard good things about it from other parents of little ones that have attended it. I have signed up my babies for Sunday school as well and Elijah for AWANAs. I am thrilled with the church home we have found. I am feeling fed spiritually, shored up in fellowship with other believers, and I love that it is only two blocks up the street...There is something so right about being able to walk to church. But, mostly it is the content of what we have found inside the building than the location of the building that has brought so much to our lives.
I am thinking on the Home school Co-op we joined and about how I want to approach this home school thing. It's not totally foreign to me...after all I was home schooled, but, now I am in my Mama's shoes and to take on caring for my children's education fills me with joy and a sense of urgency and pressure...as well it should. This is something I need to do right and do to the best of my ability. The Co-op seems to be a place of support and learning. I look forward to building relationships there as well as to be able to expand my children's learning.
While I sit in this creaky, old chair, not all of my thoughts are turned to heavy things. I am thinking of the two up-coming David Gray concerts that my Sweetie and I are going to...tomorrow night and Sunday. Two dates together, alone, sharing two of our favorite things...Live Music and David Gray. I am cooking up ways that I can bless the neighbor that will graciously watch all three of my babies tomorrow night.
Now my thoughts turn to the house...it is time to clean and organize my spaces...I think I'll blog walk a little first as I finish my coffee...then it is time to crank up the music and channel the Tazmanian Devil. There is much to be done.


Anonymous said…
Ah, Sarah, life is filled with days we wish we could go back & redo.... all we CAN do is learn from them, & allow God to mature us so we don't do them again. What church have you found? We are church "shopping" at present, for a variety of reasons. Elijah will love Cubbies in AWANA!! Mine always did! I would also encourage you in your homeschooling ventures (which I support 100%, BTW) to not overdo.....even this year, we are not overinvolved. Sometimes, we can get so busy, & I think that you are doing a great job as a mom!!
Amanda said…
oh sarah...i am wishing i could "re-do" the past month or so. praying today is a better day...and that His grace is upon you.
I can relate to SO MUCH of this post. I love the sweet way you share your life. :)

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