In a minute...

Elijah ate two carrot sticks at dinner tonight with very minimal complaining...woot! This is huge people...huge!!
Inside I was doing a little dance. I started to gloat and think to myself that "I've got this...I'm awesome...I rock as a Mama!"
The next moment my bubble was burst as Evelyn peed in her seat, at the dinner table, causing there to be a rather large puddle on the floor. Still refusing at times to tell us she has to go.
Parenting is like that...highs and lows...sometimes in the short space of a minute. Plus, it's never wise to gloat...he's only three, I am certain I have my share of proverbial "puddles on the floor" moments to come with all of my babies.


Leslie said…
its the little victories friend.

isn't it though! :)

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