She smells of milk and lavender with her downy head tucked into the pocket made by my collar bone and chin. She squeaks and sighs, somewhat contented. My hand on her back feels the occasional gas bubble release causing discomfort followed by relief.
It is late, nearly midnight and I look forward to a few hours sleep until her shrill cries and demands for milk wake me to tug and pull on my now conditioned yet sometimes sore nipples. The house is quiet. I can hear my other loves as they sleep. The toss of an arm or the intake of breath.
Now in her crib, she cries before she sleeps, attempting to drown out the sounds of Spring Rain on the noise machine. It is meant to sooth, but doesn't seem to always work. I keep it on just in case and it soothes me. Perhaps she would like Summer Night instead, I debate on whether or not to change it.
Tomorrow we will pick berries. I have promised B that we will make jam. The thought of this excites him as he loves to help in the kitchen and he is a jam fiend. I hope for little trouble from mosquitoes and for the bumper crop of Fall raspberries as foretold by the old guy at the U-Pick two weeks ago. We will also stop at the small library for new picture books, a vegan cookbook, and maybe some books on tape. Morsel enjoyed listening to Geronimo Stilton to fall asleep while staying with cousins last week. It is something I want to try here at home. Then groceries of course. An empty fridge will not work around here.
After a week and a half of travel I am hopeful to get back into a steady rhythm. I am hopeful to find a solution to Squeak's gas issues even if it means drastically changing my diet such as losing all dairy. I am hopeful of many things in the months ahead and grateful for the fullness that is held today.


You are so beautifully descriptive in this... love it. It sounds like you are finding a sweet rhythm to life. Praying you will get some good nights of sleep in there some where. That part was always rough for me - the lack of sleep.
The gas on your little one could be what I found with mine....the spine was put out during birth, & a skilled chiropractor who can gently adjust children is a big help! Hope this helps.... :()

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