To-dos aren't that bad really...

We are finding a bit of a routine around here...sort of.
There are certain things that I try to get done each evening after dinner...
I adore a clean kitchen, but, I hate to do the dishes. Two opposites in conflict...but, I do them anyway. I love to wake up in the morning, walk into the kitchen to make breakfast and to find it neat as a pin.
So I load the dishwasher and hand wash any dedicates or super crusty pots or dishes.
I wash down the counter tops and table top.
I sweep the floor and mop if needed. All to the sounds of my laughing family playing the Wii or wrestling around on the living room floor...nice really.
Bed time is pretty easy around here...pjs, brush teeth, kisses for Daddy, tuck in, pray...sweet dreams. Lately Elijah tries to keep me in the room as long as possible with question after question. I want him to feel like he is always welcome to ask questions...I never want to quash his inquisitiveness, so I answer all as best as I can all while creeping towards the door.
Rubia on the other hand is still struggling with being in her crib. She hates being in there, but for my own sanity I needed to be able to sleep again in my own bed next to David and not on the couch. She cries and cries, but, I have to leave her be knowing that she is fed, burped and wearing a clean diaper. I put a noise machine in the room and that seems to be helping her...Little Miss likes to have noise while sleeping, no quiet room for her. Spring Rain seems to be a happy sound for her to drift to sleep to...
So it I found myself feeling relaxed and just happy to be where I was at that moment...I love being a family of five, it's a nice feeling.


Leslie said…
your lovely. As always.

love this little glimpse from your life..and so happy your a family of 5.
Great to have you posting again so soon! It's great to hear from you again. :)

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