Waiting in the Wings

Thank you for the warm wishes and kind thoughts.
The tragedy is still the at the forefront of everyone's mind here and the campus is very quiet because the students do not return until Monday, but there is a strong feeling of hope and of pulling through.
As I walked to my car yesterday in the still, very bitter cold, I felt Spring.
I know she is still waiting in the wings for her dance to begin, but I sensed her presence for the first time. She may be wearing a very large, puffy coat, with a wool hat and mittens, and with a cup of hot chocolate in her hand, but she's there, oh, yes, she's there.
Maybe it was the way the light was or perhaps the air was twinged with the scent of earthiness.
But, I felt a little jolt of excitment and a deep down urge to start digging in the dirt.
I must wait, but the time is growing near when I will be able to spend time out in the garden planting heirloom blooms and vegetables. Don't forget about easter eggs hunts, wild bunnies, and showers of cherry blossums.
I dream of barbeques strewn with Chinese lanterns, lawn croquet, and red and white checked table cloths. And don't forget the food...homemade red potato salad, kebabs of chicken, steak, and veggies, and strawberry pie with real whipped cream. And more dreams of walking in the grass with barefeet and picking ripe tomatos off the vine...I guess Summer's right there waiting too.
*Sigh* those days will be oh so sweet when they get here.
But, I don't want to wish away these days either. Days filled with warm meals and cuddling under quilts and the crispness of the air feels so pure and clean. And really, snow is lovely.
But, just so you know I saw Spring and she is beautiful and Summer was looking pretty good as well.


chelle said…
Such a lovely post. We have scores of robins chripping away in our back yard and I just saw that my first baby daffodil is about to open. Spring is coming. And soon.
lolly lisa said…
Oh I hope it gets here soon - I need some sunshine...
Amanda said…
dearest sarah...just read your post about NIU...didn't realize you were so "close" to the tragic events of that day. praying for you and the whole community...and also loving that God is giving us glimpses and anticipation of spring...sweet Spring!

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