"Slowly the truth is loading..."

I feel such a sense of renewal today.
I have mentioned before that I am an NPR junkie.
But, lately with all of the economic news and sad events around the world and locally, it seems to bring down my spirits which outweighs the benefits of staying informed. So I turned it off and put on music. I used to listen to music constantly...when I got up the morning, in the car, while makeing dinner, while cleaning...but, I have somehow gotten away from that.
I rummaged around in my center console and I pulled out David Gray - Life in Slow Motion.
I instantly longed to listen...
He is one of my all-time favorite singer/songwriters.
His melodies and lyrics are hauntingly beautiful.
He often mentions babylon, the repo man, and white ladders which is reference to Jacob's Ladder. He paints vivid images with his words.
"Tell the repo man and the stars above
you're the one I love" ~The One I Love
"The Swans are ghosts
on the jet black water" ~Now and Always
Favorite selections of mine are Alibi, The One I Love, Slow Motion, Disappearing World, Babylon, Please Forgive Me, Be Mine, and Hospital Food...I could keep going. I hope to see him in concert someday soon.
If you have itunes, real rhapsodie or whatever and if you have never heard him or of him give him a listen. You Tube has some videos too.
Maybe because of listening to the music or maybe because the sun was shining or maybe both, I felt such a sense of peace and hope this morning as I drove to work. I have been allowing worries and uncontrollable circumstances to pile up on my spirit and I hadn't been going to God in prayer too often. This week I changed that and every night before I go to bed I have been praying. I always see my prayers as more like conversations with the Lord. Anyway, I think that this deliberate change in my life is what is making the biggest difference. I felt as if I was wrapped in the warmest embrace while sitting, driving in the sunshine this morning.
So I think I will leave NPR off for awhile. At first when I turned it off, I felt a sense of panic creeping up my throat..."What if I miss something? I don't know what is going on! The election, the credit crunch, the economy! Aaahhhhhh." That in and off itself tells me that it is time to let it go for awhile...
I think the rest of the week calls for some Cold Play, Five for Fighting, and maybe Leona Naess...all excellent. I have also been missing the music of Rich Mullins (I will have to devote a post to him, God has allowed his music to have such an impact on my life) and Third Day.


Amanda said…
i've never been a real npr person..for the reasons you menioned, hearing all the "bad" just brings me down. then again, perhaps i should "get my head out of the sand" sometimes and be more responsibly informed...BUT...anyway..i will have to check out david gray sometime...looking forward to your post about rich mullins and his music's impact on your life. how elijah? still looking forward to those pictures!

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