Guess what?

This has been a very big weekend.
On Friday, we went to the courthouse and got married.
I am now officially Mrs. C! What fun to say. I haven't been able to write my new name officially on documents etc. because I haven't changed over my driver's license and social security number. These things take a wee bit of time.
We decided to go on ahead and do it for many, many reasons, but most of all we just didn't want to wait. We had a wonderful judge who did a great job on the ceremony. Most of David's family was there and mine kept us in their thoughts from the West coast. I wore a plum purple dress with cunning little peep-toe heels and David looked devestating in a black pin-stripe suit, white shirt, cuff links and tie. Little Man wore his white button-down shirt and bow tie and khaki pants. He looked a bit like the cutest and smallest waiter ever. And he chirrped and chattered through the ceremony and was basically his normal happy self.
Afterwards it was Mexican food for all! So good! I pigged out on enchiladas and just enjoyed sitting surrounded by family and talking and eating and laughing.
On Saturday we celebrated Little Man's 1st Birthday. He real birthday was this past Monday and very low-key. So on Saturday we had friends and family come and spend some time eating cupcakes and generally partaking in the merriment. Elijah loved his cupcake and laid into it with both hands. He was surprisingly neat and only got cake and yummy cream-cheese frosting on his hands, around his mouth and a little on his shirt. We just had to give those areas a quick wipe down and he was good to go. He ate almost the entire thing and was perfectly content for awhile afterwards. We were on the seventh floor of a hotel building which had floor to ceiling picture windows. He loved standing at the windows looking out at the world below. He was also quite in love with the balloons scattered on the floor and spent a great deal of time trying to chase them down and catch them.
He helped slightly with the unwrapping of gifts, but mostly wanted me to hand him the cards for inspection and then he would proceed to cry whenever I tried to take away a card or a gift. Everyone was so thoughtful and generous. He recieved a xylaphone/piano type toy shaped like an alligator , a Build-a-Bear stuffed turtle named Mr. Gees and wearing a polo shirt and khakis much like Little Man often does. He also received a dinosaur toy, clothes including a "Mr. Grumpy" t-shirt that is great fun, a wind-breaker jacket, a jungle animal pull-along toy, and a book that sings songs when you flip the pages.
After the opening of gifts, Elijah reached his limit and started to have a melt-down. Grandma took him home for a bottle and a nap. The rest of the party was broken up soon after. I venture to say that a good time was had by all.
Sunday was the drive home and two naps for me.
Life is well, life is good.
I hope to post a plethora of photos soon.


lolly lisa said…
Congrats!!! What a big weekend you had, to say the least! So glad life is so sweet for you, enjoy every minute....
Fairlightday said…
How wonderful! I'm so happy for you Sarah! It sounds like a lovely wedding and celebration. I can't wait to see you in your yummy sounding dress and shoes! :) And Happy Birthday to the little man! I just can not believe that it's been a year already! Wish I was there to give you a hug and tell you how happy I am for you. Post pictures soon!
Leslie said…
Congratulations... what a wonderfull week its been full of BIG BIG life moments..
congrats Mrs. C!!!

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