Make a Wish.

So as of last Friday at 2 something-or-other p.m. I am 30. Happy.

We went to dinner.
Cracker Barrel is where David and I used to go on dates.

Me and my boys.

They have a super fun general store full of old-fashioned toys, dishes, foods...
Happy things.

A warm fire in the fireplace near our table.

Elijah ate like a champ...mac and cheese, green beans, mashed potatos, chicken and dumplings, corn bread, baked apples...yummy.

Good, warm, comfort food


Once again, my little laundry "helper."


Fairlightday said…
Happy Birthday Sarah! I'm glad you had such a lovely evening. Enjoy the new year! I hope it brings you many blessings and joys. Hugs!
Amanda said…
happy birthday...a bit belated! i must tell you that cracker barrel in one of my hubby's all time favorites...and i like it too! my goodness, elijah is just SO is unbelievable for me to think my kate is already 6 months old though...where does the time go!
lolly lisa said…
Well, a happy belated birthday to you! Welcome to your 30's, it looks like you welocomed them in with a wonderful evening! You gotta love Cracker Barrel....
Leslie said…
oh I do hope it was a happy happy day.. :)

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