Ah, The best laid plans...

The road to (you know where) is paved with good intentions...I don't like that phrase. It just doesn't work for me since I practically runnith over with good intentions like sewing projects, handmade cards for everything Birthday and a home cooked four course meal each and every night. These are things that I want to do and fully intend to do, but then reality steps in and says:

Reality: "Ahem...nope sorry, not today."

Me: "But, whaa..."

Reality: interupting "No buts, you are going to have to go to work and because of the snow storm coming it will take you two hours to get home tonight."

Me: "whaaa...?"

Reality: interupting, again "Also, Little Man and David are going to get sick again and by the way...you're not going to feel too hot either."

Me: "No fair!" pouting

Reality: "That's what I'm here for!" says with a smile

OK, that is a little synical, but some days it feels that way and that is how it has been lately. It's all I can do not to fall into bed as soon as I walk in the door. There are piles (laundry, mail, etc.) all over the house that I desperatly want to deal with, but have zero energy to do so. I wanted so much to make valentines for all of Elijah's daycare buddies as well as for his grandparents and then I wanted to do something sweet for David...nope nothing got done. But, then who says that every expression of love and affection has to take place on Valentine's Day? So I will store it all away, all of my best laid plans and grand intentions and save them up for a super, special unknown day to come. Plus, David told me he loved me this morning and Elijah cooed and cuddled with me on the couch for a few minutes before we had to get going. That's all I really need anyway and if I can get that everyday (which I always do) then I count myself as well loved and cherished. And there is great contentment in that.
Happy Valentine's Day to you all!


Fairlightday said…
So very very true. Thanks for the reminder and Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweet family!
Amanda said…
congratulations mrs. c! best laid plans may not work out...but when all else fails, you're right...a cuddle and coo from your favorite little one might really be just what you needed! praying healthiness for you all...and some time for those "best laid plans"

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