That's amore.

We didn't leave the house today. It has been bitterly cold. I had to go grocery shopping last night and when the inside of my nose started to freeze, I decided the great indoors is where I would stay, we all three should stay.

We looked out at the snow.

And warmed our toes on the heat vent.

We had pizza from scratch for lunch.

Elijah loves the Kitchen-Aid mixer. He points, chatters and laughs as it mixes and kneads.

Laundry was done, a bathroom cleaned, dishes washed, chocolate peanut butter cookies were baked, sheets were changed, and knitting was accomplished. Plus, we managed to play and watch a wee bit of football.
By 7:30 p.m. I crashed. David sweetly put Little Man to bed and worked on the last of the laundry. After my cat-nap, I decided a pot of Good Earth tea was in order. Note: I had a cookie too, bringing today's total to four. They are tasty if I do say so myself!

And now to blog walk a bit and then to bed. Good night...


Fairlightday said…
Sounds like a great weekend! I was so tickled to get your comment over here. For some reason it had totally slipped my mind that you had switched to blogger. I'm delighted to "find" you again. :) Congratulations a million times over for the engagment! I'm too excited for you! Awhile back, you asked about my homebirth. I'm feeling bad because I never told you anything. But, what would you like to know? I'll be more than happy to share what I know. And you should ask Chelle too, because that's how Annabelle made her way into this world too. :) Ok, long enough comment. Hope all is well and you are staying warm!

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