The scoop

We have been busy.
Last week I made treats for the birds and hung them on the trees in the backyard.
The birds have yet to find them...I have every confidence they will. Hopefully soon

Little Man was sick on Friday Evening and Saturday. I will save the details of the illness as it requires a strong stomach. He was much better today and more like himself, i.e. the DVDs are back in a pile on the living room floor.

So today we went and played at IKEA. We got the bookshelves that I had been hoping for. Plus, a couple of other pretties. I resisted falling in love with too many things. There is a time for everything.

The snow is all melted...nearly 60 degrees! Positively balmy. It was a lovely day spent with my boys.


Leslie said…
Found you through Domestic Bliss...
How stinking cute is your son!
Love your garland and do hope the birdies found it.

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