For the Love of Lists

I am quite fond of lists. Grocery lists, to-do lists, movies-to-see lists, wish lists...
I often find myself writing lists on different pieces of paper throughout the day. And I find that I am drawn like a magnet to papers of all sorts on which to write those future lists on (does that sentence make any sense? In a nut shell, I'm drawn to pads of paper and notecards, which I have two drawers full of).
Here is a combo list from several pieces of paper that I have unearthed as of late...

baker's twine
arborio rice
chicken pot pie
quilting with chenille
elf clogs - allsorts blog
peanut chip cookies
race car blocks idea
books - "Hold on to your Kids"
~Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate
"Protecting the Gift"
~Gavin de Becker
~Jutta Bauer
reciept pockets - small object blog

Just snipets of what flits through my brain and things that I want to remember or want to make etc. etc. etc.
Now if I could just keep from losing those pieces of paper...


Amanda said…
so funny that you have moved to blogger...that is what i am currently in the process of trying. have you gotten live writer to work here or do you just insert your images into your post? anyway...i think this comment should link you to my new site if you want to check it out...but for now i will probably keep using spaces till i'm ready for the big switcheroo!

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