Whisps of our lives...

Such ribbons and threads of inspiration have been knotting in my brain lately.
So many things...so little time.
Sewing projects have been at the forefront lately.
All I want to do is stay at home and craft.
I adore the thought of this idea, I think I shall have to add the word "eat" to my kitchen wall. And in red too! This is a gift I plan to make several times over. And I really like this project as well (scroll through, you'll see the lovely bit of sewed goodness).
I have also been making a few things from sctratch myself and if I can get myself in gear I will attempt to post pictures this weekend.

I have also been pouring over gardening books, in anticipation of spring and summer.
I now have a big beautiful yard to play in.
I certainly want to plant some of these as well as these.
These are necessary, as well as these and oh, these too!
David calls me a hippy. There is truth there...I would much rather plant heirlooms than hybrids. Imperfect is beautiful. Bring on the spotted apples and alien looking tomatoes...my happiness lies there.
I may have to hold off until next year in an attempt not to over-stretch myself (*ha* when have I ever been successful at that?), but I also want to have an evening garden full of fragrence and white flowers that shimmer in the summer twilight. There will be chairs for sitting in filled with comfy outdoor pillows and perhaps a basket close by with various asundries that will be much needed...jars for catching fireflies, a star chart of the summer night sky, a corkscrew and bottle-opener, candles, matches, a light blanket, a paper fan and so on. Oh to dream...

The sweet little boy was bit not once, but twice at daycare yesterday bringing the grand total to four in the last two months...unacceptable. I am thinking it is time to find a new daycare. I have talked to them and talked to them and I am not seeing the changes that need to be made being made. It would be one thing if Elijah was provoking in some way and I have been assured that he is not; but the monitoring of the child that does the biting needs to be stepped up. The feeling of having no control is unbareable and wondering everyday when I drop him him off if he will have it happen again is nerve-racking. Having to even put Little Man in daycare breaks my heart and motivates me all the more to get things in order so that we can pull him out someday soon and I can stay home with him.
His sweetness spills over our lives in so many ways. He is currently enamored with bathtime. He would stay in the water for hours playing if I would let him. He wails when I pull him out and dry him off. When I start running the bath water he crawls at top speed to the bathroom. He then chirps and giggles and stands at the edge of the tub longing to get in with a look of such excitment on his face that I wonder at my lack of emotion for my own baths. Perhaps I could take a que from his enjoyment of things. He also, points. Right now I think it's more about the act of pointing then about pointing at something specific. And he has learned to feed me cheerios with much relish. He finds putting cheerios into my mouth almost as fun as putting them into his own.


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