All days are gifts, but some feel like they are specially gift wrapped.
Perhaps with a beautiful sunrise at the beginning. But many times it is the surprises inside those days that make them tremendous.
This past weekend David surprised me with a weekend away at a ski resort.
On Sunday morning, David asked me to marry him...

...I said yes.

On this coming Monday it will have been two years since David and I met. We clicked instantly and spent the next months talking, going to movies, concerts, etc. The end of June of that year took our relationship to a new level when we found out that I was pregnant. After many conversations, hugs, tears (on my part) we both chose to continue with our relationship, but not to get married at that point, just because we were pregnant. If and when we decided to get married we wanted it to be because we wanted to, not because of a feeling of pressure that we had to. This decision didn't diminish how we felt about each other or our relationship. We continued to take care of and love each other much as we had been and to look forward to the arrival of the baby. I feel that because of not putting that pressure on ourselves we were able to continue to grow together. I have always prayed that God's will would be done in all our lives.
Since Elijah's birth, we have relocated and have settled into a routine of being a family. Now we will be in every sense.
I am thrilled! David and I had a wonderful conversation and then David totally suprised me by getting down on one knee in front of me, presenting me with a ring and asking me to marry him.
I was lovely.

With regards to the skiing.
I had never skied before...I did not like it.
David was a very patient teacher and very reassuring with lots of "good job" and "well done."
I still did not like it. Skiing is not something that I would ever care to do again. But, I would happily sit in a lodge knitting and reading while David skis.
It would have been nice to have found this to be something that we could enjoy doing together, but alas, no. We do have lots of other things we enjoy and I am content with that.
He had had grand plans of proposing on the slopes with the snow and the pine trees surrounding us...but my lack of athletic prowess and overall crankiness with skiing forced him to plan B. He did it perfectly just the way it was.
Even though I did not take to skiing, his enormous thoughtfulness truely blessed me.
He took me to the resort to spoil me and to slip the ring on my finger.
I will always cherish our ski weekend.


Amanda said…
definitely "bliss"! so exciting to hear of this news in your life...and of his patience with your "crankiness" about skiing! i too think i might prefer to sit in the lodge and knit! praying for you in this new phase...and that you and david would continue to grow together in your relationship with one another and the Lord!
chelle said…
oh Sarah, congratulations...that is bliss, indeed. I can just see you in the lodge knitting away, looking up every once in a while to see the man of your dreams, whiz by...:) May Jesus unfailing love be at the very center of your lives as you join them happy for you!
Congratulations! This is the first time that I have visited your blog and what a wonderful post to read!


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