And I'm OK...

Today was a better day.
I decided to look around the house to find cheerful, colorful things.
I went to Joann's and got a few things that I have been needing for finishing up a couple of projects.
I finished sewing Evelyn's curtains.
I made a yummy salad of chopped celery hearts, pink lady apple, small chunks of an aged Irish cheese, a sprinkle of cashews mixed with Goddess dressing by Annie's Naturals .  (Seriously, try this salad, or something close to's yummy).
Yesterday, I just had to let myself off the hook for awhile and just mope for a bit. I managed to force myself to do all the laundry and all I could muster was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner. I went to bed early and watched an episode of The Kennedy's on Netflix and went to sleep.  When I get angry, depressed or full of angst it's best to let me stew and leave me alone...I'll get over it.  I find it hard to believe, but they are calling for snow again tonight and tomorrow.  I don't think it will be as much and by the weekend we are supposed to be nearly 70 degrees...yay!  As long as this is it, no more, nothing else...I can deal.
Part of my problem too, is the fact that I am dying to get back to running.  I miss makes me feel so good inside and out.  I want to get these final baby pounds off and just get back to healthy.  Since I haven't exercised since our move, I haven't wanted to start out again by running in ice and snow.  I need it to be somewhat nice, while I get going again.  Once I start, I know I will be able to to continue when it gets cold again, because my body will already be conditioned.  I have had a plan since early March on how I can run most everyday (as long as David isn't traveling) and since then I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to get started.  I need to get up and move and last weeks storm, just put me over the edge.  I wanted to run around screaming and gnashing my teeth, but that sort of behavior is usually frown upon in adults and children too for that matter.  So I let myself have a bad that's done...onward and upward.
Oh and one more cool story...on Friday, the kids and I were eating Dinner and Evelyn looked out the front window and exclaimed "Mom, it's an eagle!"  I walked over to the window and looked out.  Off in the distance was a bird, a large bird at that...I  said to her, "I think it's just a hawk..." and as I looked closer, the bird flew straight towards the window and I realized it was indeed an adult bald eagle! It had a beautiful white head and tail feathers and a deep dark brown body.  As I watched, it banked to the left and flew back around the way it had come.  I turned to Evelyn and said, "You were right!  It was an eagle!"
I don't know how she knew it was an eagle from so far away.
I can honestly say that I have never seen an eagle so close...even when I lived in Alaska for a Summer I never got that close to one.
I don't know if eagles live around here or if it was just some sort of random lost eagle.  I haven't seen a sign of it since.
My was it cool!

(using Light Sabers as microphones...brilliant)


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