And so it begins...

The weather turned and we have been gone...outside every possible moment.
Sandbox, bubbles, kites, chalk...we have even managed to lose two rubber balls.  One we know for sure floated across the pond.  The other one?  We haven't seen a trace of.
The bird watching these last few days has been amazing too.  Robins, Flickers, Common Grackels, Purple Finches, another Eagle, Mallard pairs and a couple as of yet unidentified kinds, fly back and forth in front of the windows all day long.  I also witnessed an all out brawl between 4 Canadian Geese on the pond last night.  It seemed to be over territory...who got to stay on the pond and who had to go.  So much charging, neck swinging, and wing flapping.  No one would back down.  Eventually they settled into different parts of the pond as there didn't seem to be a clear winner.  Fascinating!  The minks still have yet to show themselves again, but then there was still ice on the pond as late as last's clear now, so I think they'll be here anytime.
While the kids play, I have been cleaning up the yard.  There are lots of perennials that the previous owners had planted, so I have been removing all of the dead leaves and I have uncovered tender green shoots on almost everything...yay!  The trees are about to pop with new leaves and I have discovered tulips beginning to grow in two different spots.  I look forward to seeing what colors the blooms are...tulips are one of my favorite flowers after all.
I have also started working on spray painting a few pieces of furniture and a couple picture frames.  It has been a bit too breezy, so I haven't been able to finish as quickly as I would like.  I might have to relocate to the garage to finish so I can get them all done.  I will post pictures when I can.  It also seems as though I have promised pictures of my writer's workshop and of Evelyn's finished room...I will get on those and get those posts done this week...promise.
Peace Friends!


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