Where I have been...

I have been a busy bee all week.
I had a to-do list a mile long (2 pages long actually), but I made a serious dent in it.
I finally got Evelyn's room painted...yeah! One down, the rest of the house to go.
I will post pictures of it put back together tomorrow.
The weather perked up a bit this week, so I took the kiddies outside after school most days and they rode bikes or got pulled around in the wagon.  Oh, that sun felt lovely.  I think the vitamin D we all got, helped with our moods a great deal.
Well, the rest of the to-do list calls...grocery store, put away laundry, re-organize the hall closet, read books to the kiddies, help Evelyn put on her dress-ups...it's not all drudgery thankfully.
Peace friends!


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