Remembering the happy...

Do you ever have those days when you wake up and your heart is so full that you fear it may just burst?  Those days refresh my spirit in so many ways.  Some days...who am I kidding, most days I am so focused on the tasks at hand that I forget to step back and look at the blessings I have.  Often I am in the deep weeds of life and I neglect nurturing the art of gratitude in my heart.  But, oh how blessed I am.  My amazing husband, who does laundry while I nap.  Who still makes me laugh everyday, and who constantly and consistently tells me he loves me.  Gosh, I woman needs that daily doesn't she? Are things always perfect?  No, sometimes I can be a total putz and so can he, but, we work hard to take care of each other and our children.
And my beautiful, funky, wild babies.  They challenge me each and everyday to be better and my oh my do I fail often, but, they are always happy to snuggle and give kisses even after I lose it.  Today, I just felt the beauty of my life so keenly and I was reminded that while many days feel long and full of endless work, if I take a step back, I remember that the Savior is with me and that this work is precious.  Nurturing my husband and children is precious and I am very happy with the work at hand.  I am one lucky girl.


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