Cookies, Downton Abbey, and Valentines...

These cookies were yummy.
They didn't last a day.
Some of the fat is replaced with if I could replace some of the sugar that would be a win, win.  I have heard that frozen orange juice concentrate could work for that...I must Google it.  I think that subing out half of the regular flour for whole wheat would work well too.  They are soft and a little cake like, which I adore. 
I got caught up on Downton Abbey this that DVR!  There is some good discussion going on over here.  So much to think many twists.  I am over the moon that this show will continue into a 3rd season...however, there had better be some happy endings for some of the characters is all I can say. 
Tomorrow is Valentine making with the kids.  I did break down and buy a store bought package for each of the kids as I was informed at story time last week that each child would need to bring 15 each, including a treat...45 more handmade valentines were just not going to happen.  However, the kids and I will be making some cute ones for Elijah's pre-school class and for close friends and family.  It's one of the things I look forward to doing every year and I start planning what we will do as soon as Christmas is over.  Somehow it has turned into a tradition that I hope will continue for a long, long time.


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