Post Valentines...

I have been meaning to get back here and share this year's valentines.  They say, "I think you are out of this world!" Cute, at least I think so.  :)  I managed to get them done for Elijah's class, but, didn't make it for grandparents and cousins...*sigh*  Late isn't so bad, right?  The two lollipop flowers were for Elijah's easy and cute!
All the kiddies have been sick this week.  They have been droopy and feverish making for slow/long days.  I don't like them to be sick.  I always wish I could take it breaks my heart to see them hurting or miserable.  Today I went and did some much needed grocery shopping and when I came back I took them on a little nature walk around the neighborhood.  It was 45 degrees, sunny, and I knew all three needed some fresh air.  So I bundled them up and out we went.  We made it a block and a half...they were all coughing...their noses were running and they were drooping fast.  So we turned around and went home.  Oh well, we did find a couple of interesting sticks and a rock to add to to nature shelf. :)   I hope they will be better tomorrow, as I have hopes of taking them to the Children's Museum for the new construction exhibit.  We shall see.
I hope your weekend was everything you hoped it to be!


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