One of the 30 things I did today...

While waiting for Elijah and Evelyn to complete their Tae Kwon Do class, I did some knitting.  See that belly up there?  7 weeks to go...David and I are still mulling over names. It might come down to meeting the little person first before we finally decide.   

I was able to get a couple of shots of my kiddies in action.  I love watching them.  There is a speaker that allows the parents to listen to the class as we have to stay in a waiting room with windows to allow us a view.  I can always hear Elijah belt out "Yes, Sir!" to Master Dan.  I think he loves being free to yell in his loudest voice and at being encouraged to do so. Evelyn is more quiet, but is learning to demonstrate respect to her teachers.  We are very happy with the studio and the teachers and we hope that both kids will want to continue for a long time.
Oh, and guess what?  It's snowing...I have a feeling March might give us the winter that has eluded us so far this year...sheesh.


M. Fernandez said…
Awesome! I can now say hi. I have gone back to school to finished my Special Education certification and I am taking a technology class. This week we are working on blogs. After I set up my account, I wanted to see if I could say hi, I hope this works. I have been looking at a lot of craft ideas this week so I had thinking about you and your family. All is well here. EF is getting bigger by the minute and I am loving every ounce of motherhood. Oh, those last seven weeks! Take care, M

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