Winter's goings on...

Sewing, sewing...what is it about sewing that seems so right this time of year? Knitting too, but that has been a bit of a disaster I won't get into. I'm afraid I have made a mess of my Mother-in-Law's dining room table in the sewing process, but, I am almost done with my projects as they need to be shipped off in the mail.  I can't wait to have a sewing/crafting room of my own.  Please, oh, please let our next house have one!
We had our first real snow on Saturday...the whole day soft, white flakes fell to the ground, muffling all the sounds around us.  It turned into a rightfully lazy day.  Today was a whirlwind to make up for it.  Wal-Mart how I loath thee, but sometimes it can't be helped.  Going down the aisles at Michael's made up for it, however.  I am making such fun little things for my kiddies this year...little goodies for their stockings and for under the tree.  If only these headaches that are coming with this pregnancy didn't keep slowing me down!  I would have so much more done by now.
Elijah is obsessed with learning to read and write.  Saturday morning he sat at the table while I sewed and asked me how to spell words.  He can write most of his letters in what I consider to be excellent fashion for being only 4.  He made his wish list for Santa and promptly requested an envelope in which to mail it to the North Pole.  I promised him I would see to it.  I really just tucked it away for safe keeping.  It is much to precious a thing to mail away.  I must keep his first handwritten letter to Santa, don't you agree?  After all, I do know the truth about the jolly old fat man and I'm sure Elijah's list will be attended to...{wink, wink}.
We are counting down the days until Christmas with a red and green paper chain.  Evelyn glued and I stuck it together.  Each day the kids remove another loop with such glee and begging to know, "How many days now Mama?"  Oh, the magic of Christmas in little ones.  I am trying to see to it that they know the real reasons for why we celebrate...Jesus after all is the whole reason.  Elijah has more of a grasp then the girls, but, I know they hear.
I don't like posting without any camera suffered a mishap, but, thankfully my husband had the foresight to get one of those insurance things when he bought it.  It has been repaired and returned to me, but I haven't gotten back into the habit of taking pictures.
Oh,'s nearing the dinner hour and I have yet to start the class is tonight, best be going!


Anonymous said…
Good to hear from you!!
Leslie said…
baby #4.
I missed that.
Yeah. Congrats.
Love this happy list of going ons.. and wanting to say hello, or walk the shops and have lunch. Man oh man was that nice! :)

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