So I have been tidying and updating the ol' blog.
Hate the header...hate, hate, hate how big the picture is.
No techno savvy at all, so my apologies at having to look at a circa 2005 blog design.
I stink at these sorts of things.
But, I updated my lists, changed the color etc.
Christmas was far too spoiled.
A bit glazed over really.
Now the great annual purge and reorganization of the rooms begins...myself included.
Although I must admit that I took a van load of stuff to Goodwill while packing up the house.
That felt good...let me tell you. 
I think I can do more.
My sweetie spoiled me yet again this year...books, spa day, Steelers bling.
What more do I need?
He's busy playing his new PS3 games while I blog...happiness means different things to different people and he is happy...I did good.
Pondering the new year and what it will bring...
A certain boy turning 5,
new baby,
new house,
Trying find my rythym.
I hope to work on myself by practicing gratitude and praying with regularity. 
I need to be better about it.
Keep my mind on higher things.
Keep my mind on the positive.


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