Going, going, gone...

Well, it is done. 
The house was packed and loaded.
Everything now in storage.
The lights are turned off.
The heat turned down, all ready for the new owners.
I hope they will take care of that little house.
It was strange and a wee bit bittersweet to walk the empty rooms and say goodbye.
We bought that house knowing it was not our forever house.
I never got truly attached to it because of that fact.
I never loved it, but how I love the memories that were made there.
So many sweet things happened that make me hold that house in high esteem.
Meals made, babies brought home from the hospital, children learning to walk and talk
I tried to find a picture in my current archives for you to see, but no luck.  All my others are now in storage...oh well.
So we are back in our new digs for the Holidays.
Today we are making jingle bell bracelets.
Cookies need to be baked for tomorrow.
A few last packages need to be wrapped.
Ingredients bought for a Christmas morning french toast bake.
A cradle painted.
Suitcases un-packed.
Plans made for the two weeks of vacation ahead of us...children's museum, zoo, library...a movie too.  We'll see...


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