A long time coming...

Well, hello there!  I never intended to be gone so long.  We are all well here, just living life, doing the things everyone does. Honestly, I haven't had the motivation to blog these past few months.  We have been in such a state of transition, that I just haven't wanted to sit down and write.  Don't worry things are good.  David and the kids are all well and thriving...I'm holding my own too.  But, today is truely joyful, we sold our house and now we can begin to move into the next phase of our lives.  I feel like I have been holding my breath and now I can breath again.  The rollercoaster that is selling a house these days is truely grueling.  The ups and downs, the lowball offers, the living apart from my sweet husband.  It's come to a close.  So happy!
So what have you all missed?
Elijah started pre-school and loves it. His teacher is amazing.
Evelyn is taking dance once a week.
Elijah played soccer in the Fall.  He was quite good if I do say so myself, despite me being his coach.
Miss Rubia talks quite a bit.
Cool Fall days watching the squirrels.
Costume creating...I challenged myself big time this year: A Clone Trooper, A Purple Fairy, and Little Ruby Riding Hood.
Learning the landscape and the heartbeat of a new city and state.
My Dad and Step-Mom came for a wonderful visit.
Oh and the biggest news of all...baby #4 is on the way...I'm 20 weeks along.  This will be our last as far as we are concerned.  But, we are very excited nonetheless.
Big things, happy things.
I hope to be back regularly now.  I have missed you little blog...yes, I have.


Emily said…
SOOO glad you are back! I joined the wonderful world of blogging while you were away, so i hope we can keep in touch now that you're back! I'll need your e-mail so i can send you an invite to view my blog...we have ti set to as private as possible to protect hannah (long story, i'll fill you in sometime!)

Glad you're back! I love seeing pics of the kids!!!!
Yeah!!! for all your pictures!! Your kids are so big!! I'm glad we're in contact again.....blessings to you!
brandi said…
Also very glad you're back!!! I started blogging as well however I haven't had time to post anything for a while. Life gets so busy and by the time I actually have time I just want to sit and do nothing. Lol
The kids are so beautiful and the costumes turned out amazing!!!
Can't wait to see the newest addition and of course can't wait until we get to see you guys in person!!!! It's been way too long.

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