Tea, oranges, and 5 kiddies...

Wrapping gifts, not my favorite thing, but I love the result.  I have been watching my nieces for the last couple of weeks...5 kids under 4 years old = tired. But, despite my growing rotundness and bum 95 year old woman of a hip (that's how it feels, just a pregnancy perk), we have painted and baked cookies, made recycled crayons, and made ornaments.  Tomorrow might hold jingle bell bracelets for us.  We'll see.
Holiday gift making is done, packages sent.  Decided against Christmas cards...maybe New Year's cards would be the way to go.
Craving oranges and chamomile tea these days...also bowls of Malt O Meal.  Is there anyone else out there that loves that hot cereal as I do?  A hold over from childhood I guess...loved it then too.
Evelyn and Rubia are going through rough discipline stages right now.  They are so much faster than me these days.  Elijah hasn't wanted to eat his lunch at school lately...working with that too.  Starting to see progress.  Consistency is tough.
I am dying for a good book to read...any suggestions?


Prairie Rose said…
Sounds like your family has been having a lot of fun lately! Hope your energy keeps up with the kids. :-)

Here is one of my favorite books from this year "How to Bake a Perfect Life" by Barbara O'Neal. Added bonus, recipes are scattered within the book and I know how much you enjoy cooking.

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
Have you read any of Stephen R. Lawhead's books? He is the BEST author ever!!!! Currently finishing the second book in his newest series, the Bright Empire Series, "The Bone House".
Amanda said…
oh my goodness...you are back. i've missed you ;). and pregnant...oh my! we are figuring out the four thing...and enjoying most moments of it..hehe!

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