A wee reshuffle...

 I took inspiration from Heather over at Beauty that Moves.  She was rearranging things in her home to make way for her Christmas tree and made space for linens and cookbooks with apple crates.  I decided it would be a good solution for me as well.  After I cleaned up from Christmas I pulled out these two crates that I have had for years and made this little nook.  It freed up some nice space in my linen closet and it is nice to have the table clothes and napkins close at hand that I use the most in the kitchen.  I also made room on one of my other book shelves my placing my favorite and most loved cookbooks in the bottom crate.  It is nice to have them close at hand in the kitchen as well.  I am forever trying to make this house more efficient with storage and I like things to be cozy and pleasing to the eye as well.  This idea fit my style, but what I am most excited about is the space that was made available by this simple project.

On top I made a new home for the nature shelf.  It's a little bleak since it is winter.  I was given two nests by readers of this blog (did I ever share that?)  I love them both.  Here is one with a paper Cardinal nestled in it, since we have those beautiful red birds year round and a candle to remind of the early evenings and darker days this time of year.  I often catch one of the kids stopping and feeling the nest or picking up the Cardinal and given it a twirl before setting it back in it's home.  I like it to be hands on and accessible.  In the next few months, I will start to make little changes to the shelf to symbolize the changes that will be happening outside and to signal the coming of Spring.  I will try to continue posting on the progress we make.  I also put out fresh food for the birds that frequent our back yard last week.  Now is a good time to get seeds and nuts out to our feathered friends to help them make it through the cold days ahead.  I placed raw peanuts and suet packed with black sunflower seeds to give them a little boost.  The bonus is that I get to watch them dine from my back window.  It's enjoyable for me and the kids and fun to see nature doing it's thing.
My mind has already begun whirring with ideas for valentines to make this year.  I can't start thinking about these things too soon, so as to make sure there is enough time to create and then send them off in the mail.  I am also plotting with regards to a certain little boy's 4th Birthday that will be coming next month.  Maybe a little party will be held...we shall see.  I have lots of ideas, I just have to whittle them down to a manageable to-do list.  It may be Winter, but that never slows us down too much.  We have a relaxed business about us and I don't mind that at all...manic and harried are two things I work hard for us not to be.
Oh, and Rubia had her check-up today...she is charting out to be tall and slender just like her brother and sister and she is healthy in all other ways.  Thank you Jesus for that!


We are feeding the birds here, too! Aidan has picked up my love for birds, & he always has his nose stuck in Birds & Blooms or our birding book. He tells me all about this bird & that...it's amazing how much he knows! He puts seed right outside our glass door & we have 4-6 different kinds of birds that we can watch up CLOSE. SO fun!! Thanks for sharing your pictures. I wish you lived closer... you have wonderful ideas that you could rub off on me :)

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