Simple Women's Daybook...

I haven't done one of these is awhile, but I have been wanting to get back into we go!

For January 18, 2010
Outside my window...there is lots of snow.  It snowed all day yesterday and while beautiful, it is very chilly today.
I am thinking...about many things: menu plans, etsy, finances, preschools, and how I need to mop the kitchen floor.
I am thankful children.  We are in the middle of such wonderful yet challenging years.  I am trying to be cognisant of this fact and to strive to be the Mama that they need me to be.  This means being nurturing of course, but also focusing on training them up in the way they should go i.e. discipline and structure.  These are two things that are hard for me to consistent with, but, I am working on every day.  I have never felt more human than I have since becoming a Mom, or more flawed.  But, I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow from being a Mama to these happy, spirited, rambuncious, intelligent children.
From the learning rooms...learning through play.  I am still working on doing something structured with them each day.  Yesterday we talked about Martin Luther King Jr., I haven't quite settled yet on today's activity.
From the kitchen...I baked my favorite bread yesterday - Honey Whole Wheat and I can't stop eating it!  Today we are having Spaghetti with homemade meatballs.
I am wearing...Black satin lounge pants, a gray t-shirt, and cozy black sweater...oh, and bright blue socks.  All my sport socks are in the dirties.
I am creating...invitations for Elijah's 4th Birthday party.
I am the post office and the library at some point today
I am reading... a young adult fiction book about Marie Antoinette from the Royal Diaries books.
I am get some better sleep tonight.
I am hearing...Rubia cooing and jabbering and Evelyn "cooking" in her kitchen.
Around the house...Still working on the end of the year filing and rearranging the living room.  We are going for something different and I am excited about getting in done.
One of my favorite things...clean sheets on the bed, clean towels hanging in each bathroom, and clean children fresh from a bath.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Homeschool Co-op, AWANAS, and spending more time tucked in at home staying warm.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
A whole bowl of juicy Clementines.  Evelyn loves eating these and I love how she says the word Clementine.
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Arlene said…
I'm totally with you on the importance of being a consistant mama, though not always easy. Still, the rewards are immeasurable.

Enjoy the snow - I'm in South Florida so I'll have warmth and sunshine today. I'll send you some if you like ;-). Have a blessed week.
Anonymous said…
Do you sell on Etsy? If so, what do you sell? I have baby hats listed there (again) & no one will buy them! So frustrating! :)

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