I am loving the little bit of green that is peaking out from my window sill. That’s basil on the left and cilantro on the right. I started the seeds growing before Christmas and it has taken them awhile to get going. I am thinking maybe because of the cold, I know I don’t move very fast when it’s cold.
Our schedule has started back up with earnest this week and although it has been busy, it has been nice to get back into things after a long rest. I think the kiddy kats were ready too…there was a wee bit of cabin fever going on. I am trying to be more intentional with the kids as well by doing planned activities with them each day. Something simple, I try not to put a ton of pressure on myself to be elaborate. A few days ago we spent a half hour throwing balls into an empty tub. Once they got comfortable with a certain distance, I would move the tub farther away to give them a new challenge. They loved it. Evelyn gave up after about 10 minutes due to her 2 year old attention span, but Elijah was happy to keep going.

Yesterday, I pulled out this Button Art set that I had gotten Evelyn for Christmas. Both kids enjoyed matching the colors. It was fun for them to do together and great for their gross motor skills. Plus, with the cold it is nice to have these kinds of bored busting activities to pull out, especially while I’m making dinner.

What do you do to keep the kids busy while you work?


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