This is how it looks outside and the temeratures are frigid...so frigid the-snot-in-your-nose-freezes kind of cold.  It's hard to drive in, hard to walk in, hard to do anything in.  I never want to go anywhere and the darker days just make me want to sleep all of the time.  I am up to nearly three cups of coffee throughout the day and I have always been a one cup first thing in the morning type of girl.
 It's is snowing in these pictures, but I couldn't get a decent shot.  Could be that I opened the door two inches, stuck my hand out with the camera and pushed the button had something to do with it.  I wanted to lose as little precious heat as possible, but I wanted to share the winter wonderland outside our doorstep. 

 I did get the kids outside for about a half hour a few days ago.  But after sledding down a hill two times, they were done and begging to go back indoors...it was much to cold, but they needed the fresh air more then anything.
 The messed around in the snow a little with a neighbor friend down the street and then we headed back inside.  I had had hopes of them making a snow man, but that was just not going to happen.
Spring, I think we're more then ready for you!


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