Southern Comfort...

Happy New Year!
Illness, has swept our house..I was the last to get it...yuck.  But now I am on the mend.
I was feeling well enough by the end of today to prepare my take on the traditional Southern New Year's meal. I made a pot of black eyed peas with Turkey ham, an oven roasted sweet potato, corn bread, and sauteed kale.  It was good and so comforting and nourishing to my weary body. 
I made Rubia homemade baby food today.  She has not been crazy about the Gerber varieties she has been sampling.  So she had sweet potato which elicited smiles and then she had pureed persimmons...which she flipped over.  She was in love, so I think I am on the right track with making her food. I found an online source that has a lot of ideas that I am excited about...Weelicious.
The tree is almost de-ornamented, Rubia and Evelyn are now together in their room and Elijah has his own space, MOPS and AWANAs are starting up again, and all of our snow has melted.  Lovely things are happening in our little neck of the woods.  Bring on the new year!


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