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We have been to the library and picked out a stack of books. Including one that is Valentine's Day themed. I'm already plotting the making of valentines this year and I want Elijah to be as excited as me! But, hec, if it's an art project that includes coloring, glitter, and glue he's in!

I have been cooking again. After being awash in too many processed meals and take out, I have gotten my wits about me and made a few tasty meals. There were some duds too, but that's my M.O. I win some, I lose some.

Lot's of cups of tea. Mostly decaffeinated, but with the occasional full leaded cup of Earl Grey. I find it to be relaxing and warming on these cold, cold days.

I made these scones last night and fell in love. The kids loved them too. The recipe called for currents and as I didn't have any I went with dried cherries instead and they were perfect. They were also great this morning for breakfast with a cup of tea.
The scones (or stones as Elijah calls them, not because they were hard, but that's what he thinks they should be called) went along with the dinner that I made last night. I made Aromatic Beef Stew. A recipe I got from the January issue of Better Homes and Gardens. It is paired with couscous and has Butternut Squash in it, which I happen to adore. David thought they were potatoes and gobbled down two bowls. The kids were not total fans, but they ate up the warm scones. So I think everyone left the table full and satisfied. The stew has middle eastern flavors and was so warm and satiating for me. I will be making it again.
Now off to get some things crossed off my list...changing sheets, cleaning bathrooms, ugh, not my favorites, but they must be done.


Anonymous said…
You & Grace would get along well... you both love to cook & eat!! :) Actually, Lydia turned 6 (AHH!!) & my burn is healing nicely, thank you! I will blog soon & post pictures of my projects for her. I finished the morning of her birthday, about 2:30am, but at least I finished!!

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