A New Calendar...

I have been working to get more organized in the new year. Amazingly I have not put together a central family calendar in the past...most of the time I relied on my memory, but that is getting harder and harder for me. So I bought a large wall calendar, a package of multicolored Sharpies and set to work. Each member of the family has their own color. Then there is a color for the kids together, a whole family color and a misc color for those things that apply to people and things outside of the immediate family. Then by just a glance I can see who has what coming up. At the bottom of the calendar are three slots that were advertised as space for photos. Instead, I placed a key/legend for my color match ups in one and important numbers and information in the other two. I think it will work well for us. It is now up on the kitchen wall. I'm sure I will tweak things as the year progresses, however, I happy to have made a start to better keep track of everything.


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