To train up a child...

I went to Mothering Styles and took their little quiz...
This is the type of Mother I am:

Your type is:
INTP — The “Love of Learning” Mother

“I keep the encyclopedia in the kitchen so we can look up things together while we eat.”

Intellectually curious and patient, the INTP mother relishes those times with a child when they are learning something interesting together. Whether they’re at the zoo or computer terminal, she sparks to answering his or her “whys” with in-depth responses or new knowledge.
The INTP mother is also objective and introspective. She listens to and discusses children’s ideas and questions as she would those of a peer, fostering self-esteem and confidence. Open and non-directive, she allows children the freedom to do for themselves and quietly encourages them to believe they can do it.
Independence, autonomy, intellectual development, and self-reliance are probably the INTP’s highest priorities for her children. An avid reader, she naturally imparts an appreciation and love of reading as well.
Drawn to all types of learning, the INTP may also value her mothering experience for all the new insights about life it provides her.

Yup all true...
Something about being a Mother just bring out the "Let's go learn something!" itch. I love to learn about, well, everything! And I want my kiddlets to as well.
Right now Elijah loves watching Birds, I hope to get a bird house or a bird feeder to bring in a variety of birds and we shall sit at the slider doors and watch.
I have a whole shelf ready a waiting with books to read aload. Books with chapters that will take weeks to finish. They have all been pre-read by me and have received my stamp of approval.
I fully plan on the children learning to cook, garden, sew, create etc. Not only as a way of helping them be self-sufficent someday, but also for the pure joy of doing and learning. I don't want these things to be a drudgery or a chore, but an experience full of history, science, and hopefully good memories.
I also love just talking to Elijah and the soon-to-be little one. I talk as I cook, as I sew, etc. telling them what I am doing and how to do it. David is also really good at this. I want to encourage curiosity and imagination.
I have always been enamored with homekeeping, but lately God has really broadened that desire in my heart. The desire to keep a neat and well-run home full of warmth and laughter all guided by him and his principles. To make things from scratch and to better respect the resources used to make things. I also want the children to know and love their maker and savior personally. I worry that I am inadiquate in so many ways to begin to train up these children, but I know that Christ died for my sins and failings and that he will give me the strength and the grace to see these children through even on the most difficult of days. I guess the best way is not to be over-whelmed by the bigger pictured but to take each days challenges and joys and to work with what comes. I remember as a child I would worry so much about things that I would make myself sick. My Mom would always ask me, "Has God ever let you down before?" to which I would reply, "no." and she would say, "He won't let you down this time either." And he never did and never has. Sure, things may not always go the way that I planned or hoped that they would, but upon reflection and hindsight I always see that his way is always best. It's also amazing how even when we fall down he picks us right back up and works good out of the mistakes we have made...Wow. God is good...
Lord help me to be a good teacher and roll model for the precious children (and I know he will).


Lisa said…
Not only do you get to teach your children, but learn from them as well... What a gift, huh?!?!? One I can not wait for....
Amanda said…
took the quiz...and i am an enjoyed reading your entry...hearing all that you love doing with elijah and hope to do with the new bambino as well!
Becoming Me said…
What a wonderful post about being both a teacher and a learner. I love your blog. Oh, I'm an enfj
Wendi said…
So, I was an INFP. :) Fun quiz. You sound like the mother I aspire to be. :) I love how you take time to do all of the important things...helping Elijah learn and thrive. I sometimes feel like I am a bit too laid back as a mom. I do love the quiz results saying I am in tune to their feelings and such though. :)

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