Pardon me while I drool all over... favorite meal in the whole world...

I will eat fresh from the oven, cold for breakfast, reheated even though it can be a little wonky after the mircowave gets through with it, deepfried (oh, yes, this is possible) or the generic boxed variety will also satisfy. I like it made with cheddar or fancified with a blending of artisan cheeses...add hotdogs, potato chips, or tomatoes, I don't care, just bring on the macaroni and cheese. I am particular when it comes to noodles however. I most favor small elbow macaroni, but I have been known to use wagon wheels or lasagna noodles in a pinch.
I enjoy making my own from scratch. The smell of the rue and seasonings as they brown and prepare to thinken the soon to be added milk, the lavish amount of butter and cheese that are absolutly neccessary for a successful dish, and the blending of the noodles and cheesey bechumel sauce, all never cese to delight me. The melding bubbles and coos from the oven, beckoning me, enticing me...if I could marry a food this would be it. But, could I eat everyday? Sadly, no. The love affair would soon be over and I am not willing to let that happen. Honestly who could handle that much cheese? So every once in awhile I pull out my Microplane and go to town.

What is your food to die for?



Lisa said…
so, so many things I crave! But Mac n Cheese is definatly at the top - I LOVE homemade Mac n Cheese!!!

PS - trying your recipe out tonight - can't wait!
Amanda said…
umm...that looks so yummy! my fav comfort food has to be good old grill cheese and tomato soup though!
Wendi said…
I get really into mashed potatoes when I crave comfort. :) Butter, garlic, cheese added - whatever I am in the mood for. Of course, my mind often goes to the delicacies of a sweet nature most often when I seek consolation... :) Chocolate... At the moment I am savoring a Reese’s peanut butter cup. A gift from my MIL. They will be gone soon and I will not indulge myself further, but while they are here they will most assuredly be enjoyed!! :)
You describe Mac n cheese unlike any one I have ever heard attempt it before!! :)

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