A Snapshot...

Whoa, it has gotten toasty...
This weekend was muggy and a bit on the hot side.
Last week I was finally able to open the bedroom window at night (I love sleeping with an open window that lets in cool, fragrant air) and this weekend put the kibosch on that. Although for the sake of honesty, I was able to have it open last night. We had major rain and thunder storms that blew through and cooled things down. My sleep last night was delightful.
But the other days were hot and sticky...

We were busy bees on Saturday (with a wee bit on Sunday).
Here's what I got done:
Swept and mopped the kitchen floor
5 loads of laundry - washed, folded and put away
Changed the sheets on our bed and Elijah's
Blueberry pancakes and sausage
To the postoffice to get one cent stamps...sheesh (Next time it's forever stamps all they way)
Opened a savings account for Little Man
A return to Joann Fabrics
Shorts and t-shirts for Elijah at Target...I had to get him 9 month size in shorts and they were still loose...crazy. He's 16 months old.
Finished sewing 2/3 of a gift for a baby shower...one more thing to do and it will be done.
New sheets and a matress cover purchased at Linen's N' Things
A little grocery shopping at Wal Mart
Tacos made and eaten with much relish (enjoyment, not the condiment)
Watched the latest episode of Top Chef
A nice visit with my neighbor while David and her husband played video games
A bath for one dirty little boy
Many pages read on my book Peony in Love
Many hugs and kisses doled out to my boys
Pulled a few weeds by the mail box

What were you up to?



Lisa said…
I wish I got as much crossed off my list.....
Maybe next weekend, huh?!?! But yours sounds fantastic - if only they weren't so short!
Leslie said…
sounds pretty lovely.... I got a lot marked off too...

garage cleaned out
car washed
bought a toy box
started sanding and refingishing
sewed on Ryland dress
and lots of cooking
and an afternoon at the beach
and one at the pool

fun times.
Julie said…
I am very blessed that in the midst of your busy bee Saturday, you took the time to call and spoil me with a nice long chat with my lovely daughter. I miss you so much, and I know you are a wonderful mother. You make me proud. Love you!!! ---Mumsy
Little Candle said…
Mama! You left a comment! So much fun! And how could I forget that I had a nice long shat with you? That should have definitly been on the list.
Wendi said…
What a wonderfully accomplished weekend you had!! That has got to feel awesome!
I wanted to thank you for your sweet words on my blog. I never expected such an amazing outpouring of love. It has been a balm to my weary soul. Thank you!
Amanda said…
oh so much crossed off your list...and some of them so fun! hooray for you! also, i do promise to blog about how mike and i met...very soon!

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