The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY June 16, 2008...

Outside My Window...It's dark and a cool 51 degrees, however, the moon is quite lovely tonight

I am thinking...about going to sleep after finishing this post

I am thankful husband and that he is such a good Father to our son. The way David tends and nurtures our little boy is tremendous and so loving. And of my own Father and how grateful I am for the way he is. He is the most wonderful Father and a true example of our heavenly Father up above. I have been blessed.

From the kitchen...Ginger Adobo Chicken Wraps, deviled eggs, fresh apple crisp and mango iced tea...good stuff.

I am wearing...jammies

I am creating...a couple of maternity outfits for me and a few zipper pouches to add to my "ready-to-give-gift" stash. I finished the shower gift which is a good feeling

I am stay home as much as, home, work, home, maybe the library

I am reading...I'm in-between books. I just finished Peony in Love by Lisa See. The Bible - Isaiah

I am be able to get the things on my to-do list crossed off for this week.

I am hearing...crickets and all manner of insects outside the open bedroom window and the occasional car driving by

Around the house...Just trying to keep things clean and as clutter free as possible and trying to figure out where to stash this soon-to-be-baby...own room or shared room...debating

One of my favorite things...sleeping with the windows open in the summer, hec, I'd do it all year long if I could

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Cleaning both bathrooms, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor, laundry, pack away clothes of Elijah's that are for winter or just too small, sewing, the library for a new book (any recommendations?), and maybe go pick strawberries on Saturday.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

My sweet boy and his cool shades...

If you would like to participate in the weekly Simple Woman's Daybook head on over to Peggy's. She is the creator and host of this fun and wonderful meme and journaling experience.


Wendi said…
Fun tidbits of getting to know you. :) How fun to get little glimpses into the joy of others.
Cute picture of your little Elijah! My boys love their shades. :)
Amanda said…
love this...and might just have to check out the site and do my own little list!
Lisa said…
very sweet and simple - just how I think of you!
PS - your meal sounds fantastic!
Lisa said…
Sarah - I would LOVE the recipe! Do share....

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