I always seem to want to bake something about 20 minutes before the kids get home for school.  That is not really enough time, so they end up with a piece of fruit and some goldfish crackers.  Which is fine.  They sit and do their homework and tell me about their day, while I putz around the kitchen and help with the occasional math problem or spelling word.  They don't need too much help really.  They're smart cookies.
There is a continual falling of water drops.  I have been sleeping with my window open the last two  nights and the melting sounds are soothing and joy bringing at the same time.  Spring is nearly here.  I have started planning this year's garden.  Out with the pumpkins and cucumbers and in with peas and more tomatoes.  I am looking forward to getting outside to run again too, but those things can't happen just yet.  So it's a time of waiting.  The planning needs to happen, but, I am still in a holding pattern.  I spend a lot of time it seems standing at the windows watching the world slowly change.  The garden boxes are now visible, the tops of the dead hostas are starting to show and birds are beginning to fly back and forth in front of the back windows.
So while I wait, there are still books to read, stews to make, and cowls to knit.  My mind wanders easily these days...I need to stay focused!  But, I feel that it is normal and intrinsically human to begin to turn my thoughts to warmer days.  It is, after all, what we humans have been doing since...well, the beginning of it all.  So I will embrace it and remember that day dreaming is not always a bad thing.  But, that to-do list won't do itself, so I guess I'll have to get some work done too.


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