Today was dangerously cold again.  The district delayed school 2 hours to help prevent kids being out in the cold too long while waiting for the bus.  My kids look like the little kid from A Christmas Story.  They are so bundled up, they can hardly put their arms down.  :) 
See that window up there?  That is a large oval of ice...on the inside of the window.  That was taken on a -35 degree morning.  It has happened a few other times since.  Thanks Polar Vortex, I know we need new windows, you don't have to remind me.
Cabin Fever is here and sheesh.  The kids are going stir crazy.  If we could just get outside and run around a bit I know it would do us all tremendous good.  Plus, I think we have all been sick so much because we are shut inside so much.  Oh to open a window!  Such bliss that would be.
So to combat the Winter blahs just a bit, I planted Paper White bulbs a few weeks ago.  I have them blooming in my kitchen window and on my mantle piece.  It is nice to have green growing things here and about.
I forgot to show you my labels that I sewed into the cowls I made .  I had these made about 4 years ago and I am finally putting them to good use.  I also made several really fun headbands as gifts this year and I sewed the labels on them as well.  I have lots of ideas boiling in my head for things I can make and I am contemplating doing a couple craft shows this year.  It would give me a little spending money and I think it could be fun.  We'll see if I can put these cabin fever days to good use.
Well, time to get the kiddies to bed. Peace friends!


Alison said…
Sarah! Hope you're well, looks that way. :) Have you ever thought about putting your wares on Etsy?

Alison (Mormino)

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